My Magnificent Mother

You are the one who gave to me my life

Along with that guy who calls you his wife.

I know that you want what is best for me

Even though it may cost you a great fee.


I could not love you more than I do now.

You are so great that you should take a bow.

I can now understand how much you do.

Stuff that I could not know when I was two.


You spend your time worrying about us.

I hate it when you get so mad you cuss.

You are the Rudolph of my Christmas sleigh

Because you guide me when I lose my way.


I could not make it through life without you.

I know that this thanks is much overdue.




As I prepare for college, with adventure on my mind,
I can't help but reflect on the past.  Through her examples,
mom has taught me independence, compassion, and tolerance.
Now it is time for me to pay it forward.


The reflection of the past is in a childish tone that reflects
the nature of childhood, but the message reveals a more
mature comprehension of the selflessness of a mother.


I like the reference to Christmas, the epitome of the fondest

moments of childhood,  yet the realization that the magic was

 all about a mother’s love.


My favorite part of the poem is the ending.  It emphasizes

 the message and feeling of the poem.  Leaving the reader with

 the feeling of tenderness  and a sincere appreciation for mother.

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