My Loving Nightmare


Has anyone seen such a beautiful sight?

Her porcelain face,

covered with her scarlet blood, still looks beautiful

Her snow white skin,

ruined by the cuts and scratches on her pale arms


She lies dead in my arms

But to me, she has never looked anymore beautiful

Her crimson eyes seem to have lost their luster,

but I don't seem to mind


Her midnight black hair

seeks to hide the bullet wound on the side of her face,

The wound that I gave her with my own gun

as it now rests on the ground besides me


"Soon we shall be together" I say

"Soon I shall join you,

my death by the same weapon

that killed you, my beloved"


As I raise the gun and point to my chest

I hear the barrel click

as my fingers smartly cock the gun on their own accord


As I look at her at her beautiful face once more,

I smile on how she and I will always be together now 

As neither heaven or hell

As neither life or death

Will seperate me and my beloved


"Soon my love, soon I will join you in death,

by the same gun that murdered you."

Wait for me my dear."

My fingers find the trigger

I smile as how close we will now be, together in life or death


As I let out a final "I love you," the gunshot is heard

And I fall to the ground with her in my arms

Now covered with my own liquid crimson


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