My lovely charlene

A beautiful girl sits across the classroom

flowing skirt

beautiful hair that you could get lost in looking at

her voice softer than a whisper

her confidence strong as a lion

her quips whitty

and mask on tight

shes here to learn

she knows who she is

she is.......

but to me

i wish she was 


beautiful charlene

I know

she will never me mine

but at least I can imagine

her hand in mine

distance closed

masks away

eyes meeting

I wish she was mine

my beautiful charlene

charlene knows

of my feelings for her

but after 

i became a whisper

just another kids in the halls

just another girl

she let fall

now charlene never speaks to me

never looks

and she is one I barely see

but when I do

my heart fills to swelling

when I listen to the stories she's telling

I wish I could listen

charlene and I

but I ruined it all

because I thought I was sly.

at night her voice rings in my ear

as a reminder of my fears

that every girl is like charlene

scared by my looks

and over exagerated leans

her voice carries in my head drifting me to sleep

"I will never like you"

cutting me deep.

I love you charlene

you know who you are

this is my goodbye to you

a final vent of my feelings for you

i loved you a while ago

but iv'e learned to let things go...



this love confession may never ryhme 

but today nothing does




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