My Love For You


I miss the sound of your voice

I miss your smiling face

You're so far away

But soon my darling we will be together

Soon I will feel your loving embrace

Soon I will feel your passionate kiss

You have been gone for awhile

I am done cutting myself

I will be with you soon my love

Just a bullet through my temple

Just a deep cut on my wrists and neck

One way or another I will be with you

I take your knife the one I always keep with me

I place it on my wrist and push down

I do the same thing to my other wrist and my neck

The blood flows out of me

I put the gun to my temple

I pull the trigger

With a blood curdling scream I take my final breath

It is done I am dead

I am with you again my love

Hold me tight don't ever let me go

I did it for us

I love you my darling



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