My Love For You

Fri, 07/18/2014 - 15:46 -- Light39


Now that  i've come to think of you and I.

I've come to realize that fate either holds or ties.

So when I come to you  when it's time.

I only wish you can come along with no sad eyes

For which I have come a long way fighting the lies.

As I will come to tell you, forever will I be there with you in my entire life.

As for you are one i've counted as one of my kind.

I will come when you need me.

I will come when you hate me more.

I will come only because I love you most.

So if some day you come to realize that there is yet only but a perfect rhyme between you and I.

Understand that it's never wrong to go by your own mind.

So if you pass me when that's just fine.

But know i'll always be there right by your side.

Dreaming if some day you'll finally be mine.


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