For My Love( Someone wanted me to write a poem for them)

I want you to stop beating yourself up about what happen, because I was protecting you baby girl . Am till alive-bu am just no on thisearth with you. I wan ou to always remeber these things yo're alway in my heart. There is a place in my heart that you can only could reach.Inside my heart baby girl, there is a feeling of trust, and security thatyou always wanted the best for the both of us. Now I want that for you because there is knowledge that you could turn to me and talk to. Baby gir your greatest hopes and darkest fears are are being protected by me. Am looking down on you as you read this... This is what I remember is your child- like happiness knowing that whether am silly or serious, frowing or smiling, happy or angry, you'll always love me. In our heart and soul there is the deepest joy and trust contentment-for all I  could ever see is the moment I had with you baby girl...

                                                                Writteby: Sabrina D.C. Stubbins




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