My love, Simplicity

My motto to be
The one for me
Consisting of 10 letter and ranging in meaning
The word that means so little yet so... Much

My beginning
Having been there the day of my coming all those years ago, and awaiting me long before
May 1st, 2001 in the darkness of the early morning is when you first laid eyes upon my naked baby body
The day you first met me
I knew you not, for your existence was nothing but a blur
Both physically through my blind eyes and mentally through my perplexed mind
But our official greeting will come later on
With recognition opening my eyes and an awkward smile alighting my face

My home
Going back to my birth place in nigeria and living with with my grandmother
the bare minimum was our lifestyle
Minimal food
Minimal clean water
Minimal space, everyone fitting in one room
A minimal life for minimal people
Everyone knew everybody, but no one knew much about anybody
We didn't have Much, but didn't need him either

My family
I remember the day when we moved to the US, California to be specific
You were there in our first apartment, welcoming us into your embrace of an empty home.
Bare walls in a bare rooms
You were quiet but also kind
That is probably why we got along so well
You were the roof over our heads, the walls that kept the weather out, the floor that kept our feet stable, the shelter that encased us with your mighty arms
You knew what you needed to do, and you did it without even a huff or puff or complaint
You have always been there through the trial and tribulations that go on in our homes
And I expect you will continue to be present in future years

My peace
My first day of school was too much
He was everywhere
He was loud
He was many, approximately 30
He was too difficult to understand but more so
He was too unfamiliar
I remember tears stinging my eyes as Much bullied me and overwhelmed my senses
But then you called me out the door
Being outside, the breeze sifting through my hair, the soothing whispers of shifting trees, the soft tickling of grass under my sweaty palms
My body relaxes automatically when I am with you, the stress of Much fading to an irrelevant memory
All that matters was the serene calmness you emanated and I absorbed
I was later called back inside by Authority but you were still with me
You were the tranquility in my mind, even as I face the mayhem of Much

My best friend
I eventually came to the understanding that Much will always be there, in the corner of my eye, ready to wreak havoc
A lot of the time he is successful, simply because people like him
He is extravagant, actually more like gaudy
People say he is bright, I say he is garish
People say he is proud, I say he is conceited
People say he is confident, I laugh and say he is a narcissist
People say he is livly, I say he is wild…. like a animal….in the woods…. hunting for prey
I know he doesn't mean to be this way, it his disposition
He just is
He means well….in his own gratuitous way
But he is too Much
Although Much is always there, so are you, right in front of me
Ready to inspire harmony
Most people don't understand your potential, doubtless because you are his polar
In every way he is gaudy, you are somber
In every way he is garish, you are dull
In every way he is conceited, you are humble
In every way he is narcissistic, you are meek
In every way he is wild, you are sophisticated, like composer of classic literature featuring ancient european art
Most people think you are tasteless, but your flavor is beyond them
They only know of concentration while you are a perfect balanced
That’s we are friends
That’s why we are best friends

Our answers
What is your favorite color?
All of them, they all have their values
What is your favorite object? What do wish you had?
I can not claim what I do not own
What do you like being complimented on?
The glory is not mine to be had
In what ways do you think you have grown over the years?
Judgment of one's self is always in accurate, so you tell me
If you could turn back time and change something you regret, what would it be?
To live is to grow and change. Show me a man that has never regret, and i'll show you a man that has never changed. On my hand, I have many things I would want to change but without them I would not strive to be better.
What do you think of my flaws?
I know you can overcome all of them
What do you think of your life so far?
When I think back at all the experiences I’ve, the good, the bad, it's all good in the end.
Everything has led me somewhere.

My beginning, my home and my family, my peace and our answers
The struggles I have survives, the tribulations I have strived through
The fears and doubts you have quelled, the pain and suffering you have healed
The calm you envelope me in on my days of stress
The reminders of how much you love me when I think I'm a mess
The days of lethargy, the nights of restlessness
No matter what I go through
No matter the fierce flames or rapid rivers of life
As long as I can see you, as long as I can speak to you, as long as I am with you
The good, the bad, the ugly, the pretty, the confusing, the frustration, the joyus, the funny, the painful, the lazy, the exciting, the everything
It is all good
It is all simple
My love, Simplicity

This poem is about: 
My family


Racheal lapite

Thank you to all who read this.
If this has, in any way touched you as it has me, I am glad.

Racheal lapite

Simplicity. I love you. You have gotten me through all my life struggles, yet I have shown you a deficient amount of appreciation. I'm sorry. Thank you caring for me, thank you for loving me, thank you for loving me.

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