my love, my sugar

Tue, 11/07/2017 - 17:06 -- sri114

let me be mistaken
like an incorrect answer key
accept me for my ego
but never accept my ego
write over it in pencil
turn my abcs into cabs
show me that being correct doesn't make me good

accept that i must be fixed
never accept what must be fixed
do not take what i give like
it is sugar
a succor
for there is a backstory which will never justify my actions
do not take it as an excuse or explanation
the american's desperation for something sweet
does not excuse
does not explain
does not justify
does not correct
does not incorrect
does kill a culture

if i worship your smile do not let me crush your soul to keep it

never let me forget i am flawed
never let me believe i am invincible because you have loved me
for that would mean you too, have fallen into this trap

a love trapped in ego is narcissus's curse
i will not look for love in reflective pools
i will look for love in you

and because you love me
your gaze will catch mine

and all of me will be your sugar
and all of you will be my nectar

and i will be good

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Our world


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