My love is my opponent

Dear wrestling,


You are my opponent,

Were on the mat shaking one anothers hand,

The ref blows the whistle and the crowd disappears.

You are now my only focus

The loud cheers from the crowd fades,

All I hear are the voices of my coach.


You make my heart race, not because I fear you

But because I am ready as I can be.

All of my strength from my uphill battle will be released on this mat.


You are not only my opponent but you are my challenge,

My mental and physical challenge.

At times I feel dead like a zombie, but you're the reason why I push myself

You challenge my mind, thoughts and questions float through my mind,

Are you working harder than your opponent?

How badly do you want this?

Or did you give it your all?


Wrestling, though you are my opponent,

I look upon you,

You have made me a much stronger person,

And you have taught me many lifelong lessons,

To never give up, to believe in myself, and that pain is temporary.


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