My Love, My Need, My Obsession

My Love.

The one who holds me when I'm down,

The one who listens when I need to talk,

The one who tells me not to frown,

The one who helps me continue to walk.

One day without you and my heart aches.

One week and it begins to break.

One year would shatter me:

My heart, my life, my personality.


Please never leave,

Don't ever go away,

You're all I need.


My Need.

The only blessing I've ever had,

The only sign that God may be real.

If it's true, if He is,

I don't need to go to heaven,

You're already here.

But if you left,

I don't know what I would do.

The only way I'd find my life again,

Would be to die to be with you.


My Obsession.

Even a daily dose sometimes isn't enough.

A week without you is full of pain.

Withdrawal, they say.

Your my angel,

And my angel dust.

The way you taste upon my lips,

And the way you feel upon my skin,

And the way your scent lingers in my nose,

Let's me know that I'm home.

This poem is about: 
My family



I don't know how to put that I made this for a scholarship :/ It was the scholarship saying to write a poem about the one person or thing that I couldn't live without


edit: nevermind I got it

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