My Love, Mi Vida


I came out broken and wilted

Out of a relationship where

He did physically hurt me

He did verbally abuse me

But he told me

He did it "Because he loved me"

I left him and I didn't look back

I saw strength within myself

The strength he told me I didn't have

I am a powerful being

I don't deserve this

And he didn't deserve me

I did this

Because I love myself

Self love is beautiful

And I am beautiful

I am smart

I am wise

I am artistic and musical

And he will not silence

The beautiful melody and harmony

That was myself

I knew this man

The strongest I've ever known

And he too was broken and wilted

Such as I was

He found strength earlier than I

And I can tell he was happy

I can tell from his beautiful smile

From his warm deep brown eyes

He did what he did

Because he loved himself

As friends became best friends

And best friends became

Boyfriend and girlfriend

Though him and I had a hard understanding

I came to terms with myself

I smiled because he smiled

I was happy because he was happy

And on days where he wasn't so happy

He still showed me he loved me

And I gave him the same love

Maybe even more

Because I loved him

Months have went by

And he and I still share this happiness

We aren't Broken and Wilted

In Fact him and I were never broken

Just lost in an Illusion

That what we had been through was love

That every time they had abused and used us

It was because "they loved us"

That every time they spoke and we couldn't

It was because "they loved us"

HIm and I aren't lost anymore

We are blooming

Because we found one another

And unfortunately

You have to push through the bad

To get to the good

Now we text eachother

On how our days are

Because we love each other

Now we give trust

Because we love each other

Now we smile at

One another's accomplishments

Because we love each other

But most of all

He treats me as i treat him

He loves me because i love him

And days we don't get along

We still express our love to one another

Whether its asking "are you okay?"

Or saying "I'm here for you"

I would do anything for him

We would do anything for each other

As a team, as it should be

And when we ask, why?

Our  only real excuse  is

"Because i love you"


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