My love lost


As you lay your head on my chest,
 I realize how bless I am
 you leave me in shock on how your words are expressed,
 your like a past of a ex I reflect,
 I feel the connection,
 leading our love into the right direction,
 people question our love,
 because they jealous of each other obsession,
 I promise to be your protection,
 and to never question you when your just trying to teach me a lesson,
 other women are just a distraction,
 they bring appearance you bring compassion,
 our love isn't a cigarette it want be burnt down to ashes,
 gripping your hips
 while you prepare the wine glasses,
 but something happen that was tragic,
 you died in a car accident cause your seat-belt wasn't fasten,
 I was having headaches
 nothing would help not even Aspirin,
 I grab your favorite sheet,
 hold on tight until I fall asleep,
Would you believe me that I'm
crying as I write this,
kiss your picture cause your love
remains whereever I sit,
Your one of the special women
I'll never forget,



Beautiful poem, I loved it and really grabbed my attention. :)



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