My Love In the Light of a Candle

Fri, 05/03/2013 - 08:28 -- Kessler

My love, she looks so marvelous
In the light of this gentle candle
The flames, they dance across her cheeks
And along the lips of my dearest angel.
Her delicate hands lie softly
And glow in the flickering flame
The light wanders blindly
And dances with no aim.
Her skin illuminates the room
With her radiating beauty
The flames dance among the light
And bask in her sweet perfume.
Her eyes are deep as the universe
Yet flow with passionate life
The flames begin to dance within
Until the eyes, too, are traversed.
The flames seem to disappear
And periodically reemerge
And in the depths of her vigorous eyes
Are utterly submerged.
The flame begins to lessen
And slowly disappears
Then dies the glow of crimson
Leaving only the glow of her beauty here.


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