My Love of History is a Mystery


E Erie St
United States
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Iv'e never considered my interests to conflict with the pack

I'll tell my friends I watched the game

When really I'm not keeping track

Because for me,  my interests go back in time

Because for me, my interest are not universaly considered sublime

Because for me, Learning the history of the world is an interest of mine.


No one else cares who Hannibal of Carthage was

Like the great Roman Empire Hannibal defeated

Divulging the meaning of my internal conquest proved to be a lost cause

A lost cause because, I've never made my true interest known

A lost cause because, I dont want my less "cool" side to be shown

A lost cause because, If people dont share my interests in return, I dont want to be alone


To the structure of any great empire there is always a crack

Just because my true interests may be considered lame

Doesn't mean a cool conviction is what my character lacks

Behind my curtain lays and interest in the past

Behind my curtain is an interest not often considered bombast

Behind my curtain is a teen who loves to learn history at home an in class

Because for me, like history, my interest will always last.




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