My Love

You have self control yet you dont use your gift

letting time pass me by with excuses for every action

i promise to love you in everyway i can and still i fall short

yet your still here

Some days i cant provide then something says look in the other direction

dry your eyes dont you shed a tear ill be back before you say i miss you

keep your head up represent me while im not here

Took a trip and found my way back home

god protect me and heal my sorrows just providing with the hands i though were against me

wake up clear my brain catch a grip before i lose it all

"god one more time and i promise it'll be the last time" saved my life more then once or twice

Can you hear me now? Is this enough? Will i make it threw the night?

push me till i've had enough

you deserve that much from a young mother battling the world

so those fingers dont ever have to do any lifting

you deserve it.




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