My Lord

If I am warrior 

I will be the kind 

You never for get 


If I am item

I will be the kind 

You always use 


If I am weathers

I will be the kind

Blows your pain away


If I am your lover

I will be the kind

You come home see foods at the table


If I am candy

i will be the kind 

Chocaate because you always buy me home


If I am book

I will be the kind of Poetry because you always come to writer on me 


If I am verb 

I will be unbelievable

Something new everyday for you only


If am animals

I will be the hummingbird

Sweet flowers are my food


If I am place

I will be school 

No matter where you go, you always come back to me


If I am name

I will be Mr.Young 

Everyone want to be young forever


If I am foods

I will be the kind of Pizza because I am anywhere you went to


If I am store 

I will be the Mall

Because I got many places for you 

So you can not get bore of me


If I am friend 

I will be a parrot 

So I can fly with you 


If you are very chilly 

I will be the patchwork 

Because you and I meant together forever.


Now you can't hide me anymore

Now you will use me no matter what 

Now I will be with you forever


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