MY LITTLE TIN CANOE by robert aldredge


United States
39° 53' 37.8456" N, 84° 19' 21.5364" W

MY LITTLE TIN CANOE what a prize she was to own for she was my creation made by me alone,on a warm spring midmorning of the day my mom said son go outside an play i went outside not knowing what to do until i came around the house and saw my little canoe mom i said running back inside cam i take my canoe down to the river for a little ride be carefull my son dont stay out to late with a quick ok and a slam of the door i picked up my canoe and headed for the shore and before i new it darkness was setting in and i knew i had better head back in and sure enough as i rounded the bend there stood mom hollering for me again and as i pulled up to shore mom said son you stayed out to late didnt mind me again oh mother it wasnt my fault it was my little tin canoe for i tryed to turn her about she said to me we have more exploring to do..


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