My Little Sister


If you existed,

Would you look at me as a future image of you?

If I prayed,

I would drop to my knees and beg and plead for you to be shielded,

From the twister,

Encased in these four walls dripping with snake's venom.

Drip... drop.


I can almost hear your inquisitions.

Why are there red lines on your wrists?

I found broken glass in your dresser.

Why is there glass in your dresser?

I pricked my finger.

Because curiosity killed the-

Cat scratches, honey, they're only cat scratches.


I'm being questioned for crimes I committed against myself.

I'm on trial for being suspect to your innocence.

You're just a little girl, playing detective.

But I have more than one secret: the world will always be a mystery.

With each deflowering,

You will be looking for clues to get to the bottom-

Of a bottle.


And I thank the nonexistant God that you are only a hypothetical.


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