My little Decoy

2011: It was my first day on the job and as my eyes scanned the room for my next

          victim,  i found myself fixated on you. Our eyes locked; you smiled, and I

          knew right then that i had found the one. My little decoy.

2012: Year one is down and I probably had broken up with you three times already.

           You see,  I didn't want to be alone but I didn't want to be with you and

           every time I said goodbye, your fire died down inside. I thought a year would

           suffice to get over my ex but yet I still found myself clinging to the memories.

          Maybe another year and then I won't need you, my little decoy.

2013: Year number two and I still don't want to be with you, it is written all over my

          face. My infidelity shining brighter than a diamond under a thousand suns and

         instead of you looking away, you put on sunglasses. Your spirit is weakened,

        your mind is sore but still I am not sorry. You see, I didn't want to be alone

        but I didn't want to be with you and everytime I said goodbye, your fire died

        down inside. Let's see, what year 3 brings, maybe i'll finally get over him?

       Do your job a little better, my little decoy.

2014: I told you it was over but I still wanted you at my disposal so I told you to

       keep hope alive. Who am I kidding? I am using you! And you are just to blind

      to notice. Can't you see I still love him? Only a fool would think I'd actually

     want to be with you. Maybe during year four, i'll finally be able to cross that

    door and move on, my little decoy.

2015: This is it! Four years later and all thoughts and feelings of him have been

        relinquished from my soul. Your purpose has been fulfilled. My little decoy,

       that is all you ever were. A distraction. I had to tear you down, strip you to

       the bones to heal my own cold heart. I left you there to die as I waved goodbye.

      Thank you, my little decoy.


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