My Light

Mon, 11/28/2016 - 20:07 -- lissy17

Late nights, Long days 

I thought the numbness in my soul would never fade

Tis before I found a light

Brighter then the shimmering glow of the moonlight sky

More radiant then the beams shot from the brightest star

He calls himself my savior 

He calls himself my creator 

When he speaks my soul awakens from its slumber 

Tis as though I have been reborn 

Into a new world, a new life 

One that I have yet to explore

There is not such a thing as sadness here

nor anger, or fear, or greif 

Before him those were all I knew

Sadness, distress, and confliction were the things that haunted me most

He found me in my time of need 

He saved me from my guilt and greed

He surrounded me with love and affection 

For I was saved from my darkness

For I was saved from my sorrows

Tis true what he says

He is love 

He is life

He is my savior and my creator

Lord God, and Lord Jesus Christ





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Our world


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