My Lifelong Mentor

Sun, 09/02/2018 - 22:50 -- Kettle

When I fall on the floor,

Sick of my life,

Hoping no more,


I can always count on

One person to help

Even at the crack of dawn.


With all I’ve been through,

She always has words

And will always stay true.


I call her by any of these:

Mother, mom, mama,

And she calms me with ease.


It may sound stereotypical,

To say my mom is my mentor,

But one as good as her is untypical.


I’ve been through a lot,

You don’t even know,

And for me, she has always fought.


You see, she’s my step,

Been around since my birth,

But we’ve always been in-step.


I called her mom on my own

Before she even married,

Without ever being told.


Somehow I always knew

How important she’d be

And it was she, I’d always look to.


Mom, I love you!

Thank you for all you do!



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