My Life WIthout Him


United States
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At such a young age, I just couldn’t understand.
Why in the world would he leave?
Of course I blamed myself.
My father was my hero, my one and only guy.
To me, his leaving only forced us apart.
I soon learned that I was wrong.
My father loved me just the same; that never changed.
Eleven years later, we’re closer than ever.
It was ridiculous for me to think he stopped loving me.
When I was just seven, I met my new stepmom.
I knew that I was no longer number one to him.
At first it was hard, but I tend to adjust well.
Looking back, I know that this was the best thing.
Although I miss my father being with me all of the time,
My life has been much better with my stepmother.
Not only that, but I have gained a life-long friend in my stepsister,
And my stepbrother isn’t so bad either.
Not many people would put it this way, but,
I am happy that my father left.
Without his departure all those years ago,
I would never have the life that I have now.
I have him to thank for that.


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