My life when i come to the U.S.A for the fist time


Dearborn MI
ternes 7609
United States
42° 20' 51.4104" N, 83° 11' 21.3396" W

                           Hi my name is Amel, I live with my family. I come to the U.S.A with my family in 2005, I was 10 years old. I was happy but at the same time I was nervous that I will live in different country and attend a new and different school. I was always thinking about how different my life was going to be, but at the same time I was excited that I will be seeing my dad who was in the U.S already.

                        The day that we came to American was full of snow, it was winter, so all streets and trees were covered with snow. It was my first time to seeing the snow in reality. The houses were very different, everything was different. We lived in Detroit in a two family house, my aunt was in the first floor and we were in the second floor. It took us long time until we get used our new life. After two weeks my father took me, my brother, and my sisters to school to register for the New Year. Our new school was called Univeral Acadam. My youngest sister and I were both in the same grade level which third grade.

                          The first day of school I was very scared I don't understand anyone. But I was feeling comfortable because my sister and I had the same class. Most of the student in this school was Arabic, so in my class there was some girls were helping us by translating for us. We had bilingual class, we learn a lot!

                           On the weekend my dad took us out and he showed us where he worked and then we went shopping. After that he took us to the restaurant to eat dinner. I stayed in this school for 3 years. When I was in 5th grade, I started to get better in school. I don’t face a lot of troubles understanding my teacher. Also I finished 5th grade we went back to our country to marry my two older sisters and I took 6th grade there. Then we come back and my dad already bought house in Dearborn. So I finished 8th grade in different school called D.H.S. I stayed there for four years and this is my four year, I’m now a senior. I really like this school, our teachers were helpful and I learn a lot. Also I’m taking Medical Assistant class at Michael Berry Career Center. I’m now learning a lot in this class and I’m happy that I took this class because it will help me a lot when I go to college.


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