My Life As a Senior

I am a senior

And I am so proud.

I'm walking on a cloud.

My high school adventures are nearing their end;

I'm living up my life,

Rocking my style,

Showing some swag,

And creating memories with all my friends.


Got a lot of work to do to get into college,

Try to do well on quizzes and tests.

With the help of my teachers

I know how to think;

Logic and reasoning

Are the key to success,

And hope I will get good grades for the best.


Got to train for my future,

See very brightly,

Learn about a possible career

And know what I want to be.

Got to face new challenges

With the help of my potential resources.

Got to get into it,

The sky is the limit;

Nothing in this world can prove that I don't know it.


Looking into my future

I notice in my dreams

That everything in life is not always what it seems.

With the heart that holds on

I personally believe

In whoever believes in me;

They are truly the best of my friends

And we are friends till the end.


Until the end of the year

As I go off into my future,

There are things that I will still hold onto:

My friends,

My family,

All what happened throughout the year

In a yearbook of personal memories.

My heart will always keep these memories safe

For this will be the best year of my life!


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