My Life Poem

“My Life”

My life isn’t always easy

But I choose to live it to its fullest

While seeing the Evil in everyone's eyes

It makes me cry

But i'm not you

You must realise

I’m the wise

And the most valuable prize

Is this how I survive

Through the most hidden disguise

Because I see such a demise

In one's eye

Spare a little change is what I say

To get me through day by day

But to you i'm Prey

That has to pay

With such a way

I feel like decay

Ready to go away

But i'm here to stay

Never to go away like stowaway

Who disobey

Because I carry such delay

But i’m underway

Because after the day when you make me feel Grey

I know I was the prey

That made your day

And after such a long delay

I found that I will always stand for what's today

And never be that prey that has to pay like stowaway

Because I know that i’ll always be here the next day.


                            By: Michael Pellitteri


This poem is to show what my life is to some people and what they treat me like sometimes. And that God created us to be all different on this Earth for a reason. He didn't create us to all hate each other. Because you may hate someone including me or whomever. But he created us as his children so next time you are to pick on somebody. Remind yourself of a child of God. Like if that person were to be family of yours. Because you never know what lies behind the corner the next day you may never see them again. I mean i’m not going to lie to you I have been hateful and I swear I can’t ever be so disrespectful I always go back and tell them that i'm sorry and you be so surprised what such a small word can do it can create a big family and that's what I wish everyone could act like. And you all may be laughing our whatever right now. But just know when it settles in you will feel what everyone has put me through once before or even now.


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My country
Our world
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