my life is an open book

by Skyler Surber


My Life is an Open Book.


My life is a never ending story with ups, downs, twist and turns all around.

The unseen and the untold of my book it is alive and well.

No one can live out my story or tell how it going to end. I have the pen and the keys to my future.

There will be many critics trying to judge and disecting my book by it’s cover and never reading the book before hand. Trying to skip to the ending of the book and never actually reading the middle. The middle is where the heart of the story lies.

Only judging the outside of the book.
Many people will come and go in my life time and will try to mix around the plot and try with all their ability to write and edit my story. Ripping out the pages of what they think is right or wrong. Trying to leave their marks in my book but I am the editer!

But it is my right to chose the ending I want .I am my own leader of my life story, and I will conquer my dreams. My life may be an untold autobiography for



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