My Life, Not Your Life

Sun, 02/28/2016 - 15:47 -- clpayne

My Life is not for everyone. My ways are not to your liking, then to bad. I'm a warrior princess with ideas that reach far beyond the heavens. I have dreams that you may never understand. It's my life as I walk with my head high. I've got a new pep in my step, I feel more alive with my eyes on the prize as I realize that it's my life is not for everybody but is everything for me. My goals to be my own strong, business woman who doesn't let the critisims of the world bend my ear. I won't stop. I won't break. See it's my life that has a multitude of endless possibilities and it's not about you but about me. My life, not yours done my way, not your way and that's the best way to describe my life. It's a feeling that stems from the tip of my toes to the point of my nose. Again, this is my life, and not yours. Respect me as I respect you and all will be fine as we all live as one. Living our dreams and why? Because this is my life, and not yours.

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