My life My struggles


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My life My struggles

As a high school graduate I said to myself my life is about to change, i am becoming an adult and I'm about to open up new doors for myself. Walking through college doors made me realize that my life is about to change no more playing games. But as years went one drama drama drama all I've been having in my house hold which lead me to struggle with school cause all I would think about is the fights and arguments at home. My second year if school is when the struggle got worse I'd cry and cry morning and night wishing that my life would get better, all I wanted to do was concentrate on school and my life. My life has collapsed and the struggles became worst my mom stopped helping me with school, schools won't let me apply on my on I've been going back and fourth to family houses praying that my mom would help with my struggles and let me come back home. My life has not been the I've struggled but now I'm doing something about it. My life my struggles my pain


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