my life aint no crystal stair

wake in the moring on what feels like a bed of rocks, my neice on the other

my momma say we gon be alright, i sure be listenin

im here in the present but think about the future

be in the future to forget about the pasture forget about the past, but never forget

when my dad used to listen to the pastor

went from living the life, ended up losing it all

used to seeing birds chirpin

now i see gang bangin, fist fightin, guns blowin

got evicted now we live in the ghetto,

buy little buy little so the price is far

dont ask for much, dont know how she gon pay the fair

my joy? i dont know of no joy, that was taken when my dad went to go live it well

wish i had a genie to grnt me three wishes

wish i was a bird, wish i was a eagle, i wish i could fly away from this evil

fly away from my problems and dont worry about where he go

i dont know where my tomorrow is

lookin kinda blurry


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