My Life

Thu, 12/19/2013 - 17:55 -- henryau

My Ancestry has bestowed upon me a great set of accomplishments. They call me Austin Henry from the great lands of Norcross where the music moans magically from the mouths of monsterous metal machines as their wheels drive them down drawn out difficult distances to reach their destination.

I strum strings of silver smoothly to send soothing, soulful sounds to several supporters and sponsors. My people have said that I am a fierce warrior during war. I run tirelessly down the grassy battlefield kicking the spherical object at my feet hoping to defeat the opponents battling against me.

My ancestry goes many years into the past. My father's father, Sir Alvin, is a man of great honor, strength, and humility. He works fiercly and frantically with his fragile old fingers crafting and forming figures for friends and family. My noble steed, Bella, with her brindle markings and oversized cranium, travels with me on many dangerous adventures. 

At the facility known to many people as Chick-fil-a, I am on the frontlines of battle fighting off waves of dumb difficult customers as they try to destroy my army and diminish our resources. The kitchen captain cooks the chicken that I will quickly carry to the starving consumers. I count the coins of copper and nickel in the cash register curiously, to calculate how much I made for the company.


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