My Life


A long seventeen years ago, there were things I had to forgo, moving around from place to place, the kids at school would never see a smile on my face, every other week going from house to house, staying still and quiet as a mouse,  I didnt know what the future would hold, until one day I decided to be bold. I decided to move in with my dad, since for all of the divorced kids it was the new fad, I made tons of friends and laughs, and finally got out of all the riff-raff, I joined hockey making big hits, now it seems I can't seem to sit. I feel unstoppable and on top of the Earth, and I am so thankful for my mom giving birth. Thank you both for the some sort of help, now it is time to do it all by myself.


Blake Abbe

My favorite part is that it gets better through out the poem and isn't sad all the way through.

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