My life

September 28 ,1995 the day I was born to this world after I was born my mom was too sad because she had to given her beautiful son to her sister because if she doesn't given her son he will be in Forester home with his brother and sister when time was bout be ran out of time she called her sister to raise me then she took me to her life and raise me like her own son and when I was lil bit older my life start to change .... When the year of 2007 I lost my grandpa and my dad left me since then when I got in teen age moment I went to group home and it's was sad cuz my family couldn't see me and I cry every time I think bout it I prayed to God to took my life away from me cuz aint no point if I don't see em like everyday but one day I saw a angel of God he say don't worry bout anything just believe in God he will find your destiny and delete your bad history of life ..... He give me new baby cousin name Sophia she is most important person in my life

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My family


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