My Life

Inspired by true events

I am experiencing the worst time of my life.
There is not a peaceful place to lie down and rest.
Why do my troubles refuse to cease?
I yearn for tranquillity in the presence of troublemakers.
The people who I trust perpetually anger me.
My supposed comforters cause me misery and distress,
But I cannot retaliate against my fellow believers.
How could I ever think of fighting back?

If I return evil for evil, I shall become as my tormentors.
How could I feel sorry for myself?
I could not ask why this suffering has befallen me.
To whom shall I pray when my pain intensifies?
I could not cry out, Oh Lord, rescue me!
They call on the name of the same God that I serve,
Yet they make me curse and swear in my heart.
And I am plunging deeper into the snare of sin.

Why do mortals of hurtfulness trample upon my rights?
I have never laid an obstacle in the path of others.
And I reject the counsel of people of disguise.
I do not assort with men whose hands are full of wicked device.
Tartuffes try to contaminate the purity of my heart,
But my willpower helps me to maintain my integrity.
Impure thoughts infest my mind because of my imperfection.
And it is so difficult to endure the constant pressure.

I am on the brink of taking ruthless action,
But I have to get a hold of myself.
The life I have is definitely worth living.
And I shall not let anyone tarnish my good reputation.
I have suppressed anger and grief inside me for a long time.
Now I am about to explode like an atomic bomb,
But I must hold back fury and vengeance.
I must bear up a little longer because my deliverance is near.

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