My Life

My all, my life 

I am healed by his stripes 

He poured his love all around me 

Led me to his kingdom people 

Now I am free

No longer a slave to this world, but a servant to him 

He lights my path as I travel through this dark world 

I walk with him by my side 

Lost in pain, sameness, lonliness, and bitterness 

Until he showed me his enduring mercy and tenderness 

The day I heard his word was the day I was saved 

That was the day I took my foot out of the grave 

I got back on the path he mapped out for me 

And with the strength he provides I can now smile at my enemies 

He is my life, my savior, my Lord

Without him I am incomplete 

Without him I am like this world 

With him I am victorious, I am more than a conqueror 

He is all I need in life 

He loves me so much that he became the living sacrifice

He is my God, my life

My Lord Jesus Christ  



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