my life

Fri, 11/27/2015 - 01:00 -- umu

After leaving a normal life

I started living a new life

Seeing new people was exciting

I thought my travel would be interesting

I began to be an outsider

I made myself

lf believe that I am a good fighter


I kept my mood to myself

Many lessons were learned from the stories and poems I would steal from a library shelf

I used to look on the map

So, I am looking at my country on the map

People keep ignoring me

Making me apart was enough for me


I started working hard

I am punching my card

French was my language

Yes, they loved my language

But my personality was a disease

I do what I want and think what I please


They keep talking about me behind my back

All I wanted was to go back

I missed my old friends

Now I don’t have friends

I tried to convince myself that it’s because of my English

It was hard to distinguish


I cried every night

Along the dark and silent light

Among people, I looked like a doll

It wasn’t what I expected at all

My family gave me hope

I had lost all hope

My teachers gave me strength

I had no more strength

I was so miserable

For them, I am invisible

I want to let them know

That I am shining on the show

This is just a flashback

Of my time that has elapse


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