This Is MY Life

This is my life

And it will be full of enjoyment

So first things first

You've lost employment


You said I needed you

And would be there for me

But I got over 2 decades

Of confusion and misery

You loved to dispatch

Gratuitous and inhumane tests of faith

To see if I still loved you

With all I had to tolerate


You never showed love

Like a parent would do

That's why I love mine

Instead of you


You never spoke directly

Rather second hand

Through inscrutable feelings and books

And the preacher man


You demanded that I give up enjoying life

For a lifestyle that's precarious

Full of obsequious flattery and submission

This I find nefarious


You say that you're immutable

And your books- infallible

Well then you're obsolete

And your books only work on the malleable


Some may say, "Who are you

To challenge Divine authority?

He's the Shepherd

You're the sheep"


You may be a shepherd

But I'm no sheep

I have no leader

I fllow my own lead


And if we never intertwine

That's just fine

I rather be myself and happy

Than a robotic parrot sounding patsy


Now I'm done

You need to leave

Better yet

I'll give you a heave


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