My Life

Tue, 05/06/2014 - 20:39 -- btbotts


My life would change in a flash

Simple as someone turning on a monitor

Then the CPU

Waiting for it to boot up

Going into the archives

Then, finally

Adding a new profile

One labled with my name, both of them

My government name and my poet/gamertag/stage name

As simple as someone needs to look at what it is I want to bring the company

Someone who wants their company to grow 1% for hiring one person

Just waiting for my resume

Someone who want's entire new lands created over the course of 3-5 years, to make sure everything works

It only requires one person who wants to give another person a chance

Its so simple as being an 8th of a decent human being

It takes one person who needs to speak their mind without contest and then wants to grow their idea and will not hate an individual for making a suggestion

If someone wants to change America or just the views of a single person or child can make my wildest, and most tame dream come true

Just ask me to work as a videogame designer, for you

Just ask and I shall (although, don't pay me, don't be surprised if I walk away...)

Just want something unorthodox and new, and you shall have it

Simply imply change and it will take place

Pick me up and never want to put me down, is all I ask

And my life's dream, of one job, working under the rule of someone, but with others together united would easily and simply come true.


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