My Life


At first glance you may not see

All the hurt and sorrow that’s me.

I live in a word that resembles this

It isn’t filled with joy or bliss.

My world is dark and lonely where I come from

All that is heard is a dissonant hum.


The house I live in, is made of glass

I’m able to view and watch my life pass.

It seems a rather dark and dismal here

You have no idea of what it is I fear.


I start to believe my life has no cause

As I can only focus on my many flaws

So in turn I write this to not say goodbye

But see you later or on the fly.


It’s time for me to disappear.

Please don’t have reservations or fear.

I lived in a world that just flew by.

But I don’t live here anymore; I belong to the sky.


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