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Sheavon Griffin 

Student Of Liberty University

@You Only Write Once Scholarship Slam.


26, Dec 2013 

My Life #YOWO

   I had allways thought that the most difficult thing about going to college. For me was going to be keeping up with my grades and not getting kicked out due to bad ones. I had never thought that the thing that would keep me from obtaing my goals the most, was going to be paying for it. I had believed that scholarships would just come. Because I was an African American Male and that I would not have to apply for them because I was special and people would relize that. But here I am in my second semester of college worring about money not grades. I love my life and would not change it for the world. But some times I find my self regreting alot of the deicisions that I made in high school when it came to working hard for every class. But what can I do? YOLO right. I have decided to make good with my past and look towards the future. God has blessed me with a marvous family and group of friends. I could not ask Him for more. But I do think that with a little bit of hard work a person can achieve greatness and thats with out a doubt. With this scholarship I would continue to do just that. Strive for greatness at Liberty University, where I will be obtaining my master's in Bio-Medical Sciences. Inorder to one day live my dream, of becoming an anesthesiologist and helping this world continue to be a great place to live. Thank you for reading this and I hope you enjoyed it because #You Only write Once.


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