My Letter To The Pediatric Ward

My scrubs are freshly pressed

My hands are washed and cleaned

I’m ready to take care of my favorite little ones

But first I must make the Dean’s


List of things to do

To make my dreams come true


Started on this journey with excitement and high hopes

My courses are harder than I thought

And I’m still learning the ropes


Nobody told me the college road would be easy

They didn’t tell me life wouldn’t pause

When tragedy strikes and you still had to press on

Toward the mark trying to reach my goal


I pray for one more day with my Aunt and her smart wit

She was always up for a good time


My family still mourns her death, but we’re healing just fine


Each day I took care of her was a new lesson learned

Our time together was challenging, but now I have a new

 Burning desire to help those in need


I focus on the little ones

Because I believe

It’ll all be worth it

When their little hands squeeze mine


I’m working hard to make it;

I’ll see you afterwhile.

This poem is about: 
My family


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