My Legs Are Dangling off the Clouds

"Earth to Alex!"

every day. every morning in AP Gov,

"Ground control to Major Tom..." 

Head in the clouds 

with an I've-gotta-get-out-of-here attitude.

High Standards. Big Dreams.


I'm an achiever. I'm a believer.

I'm a can-do, will-do, got-your-back 

kind of girl.

a daydreamer whose dreams are real--

or at least they will be. 

Flawless mindset. Strong will.


A perfect reconstruction of Rowling

or Van Gogh or King (Jr., you know the one)

talent gone unnoticed -- mostly by myself

and dreams big enough to fill 

history books. 

Ingenious words. Reckless ability. 


"Earth to Alex!"

every day. every morning in AP Gov.

But I like it better in the clouds.

In the clouds I am Flawless.

It's the future. It's this-is-where-i-wanna-be.

Flawless. Perfection. 


This poem is about: 


for King and Country

This is so cool! I'm loving the images and word choices. Stay confident!

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