My last song

The day that ended while searching for where I could wipe out my weakness.
The sky shown me where I'm headed that I can see it.
Those who ignore my common sense laugh; what lies will they tell text.
What will be gained from hanging that up proudly?
But I have to keep moving forward.
So I'll keep singing like this how it was.
You're crying for sure; you're lonely for sure.
You're right; you're being human.
That's what the tears I should say.
This is beautiful too; it's not a lie.
Thank-you for our true selves.
Having dreams you want to come true and dreams you can't reach.
That itself becomes a dream, becomes the hope for people to go on living.
There's a door; I'm waiting there.
So I'll boils out my hand.
For you who is crushed, here's the strength, confidence for you to fight again and my song.
That's what the tears I should say.
Like this too we met in dirty and ugly world.
Thank-you for this miracle.

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My community
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