My Last Laugh


We're all the same 

You and me 

We do our job 

That guides our life

We're all no different

Because we're human

And so I laugh 

When you think you have won


We're all the same

With slight insecurities

That renders our actions

That acts as they please

They crave the acceptance

They crave such control

And so I laugh

When you think you have won


Were all the same

As the world goes on

When we look for tomorrow


And so I laugh

Because you think you have won

I'll leave, and you'll stay in sorrow





Guide that inspired this poem: 



I write this to the teachers that seem to despise their job.

That have their select favorites and crave to fail everyone else.

This poem is for my peers who can relate to that one teacher who seems to be mad at the world. 

Thank you for reading my poem.

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