my juliet flower

Thu, 04/18/2013 - 01:52 -- Amo2200


United States
33° 36' 25.8588" N, 111° 56' 25.17" W

"falling skies my world so leveled till you came
my heart so mellow."
And thus she says,
"I've dreamt, I've thought, it kills me deep
all I've desired was just hello."
And I to her.
"your smile maddening your face so pure,
no need of words to start the urge."
Her lips they move,
"this feeling they talk of I know its love,
these rivers that roar, i feel our merge.
Our worlds be one, never fall, never die, never diverge."

"But love do i give you a sense of hope that our love is fire?"
In her response,
"Ive told you once and ill say it again you're the single reason for my each and every breath."
my eyes they shut,
"then we burn till the wax falls out and even then our memories still shout..
be mine till the wax falls out."

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