My Jars of Stars

Fri, 10/31/2014 - 16:35 -- TossJM

On hellish plains and lost winding lanes,

these are the things that keep me sane.


Imperfect hearts. Lopsided smilies.

Just like life, chaotic similes.

Clouds that hide behind clouds.

People who do not hide in crowds.


Sharing family cups, no fear of germs.

Scattering sidewalk insects, excluding worms.

Steaming hot milk-infused cups of tea.

My tiny useless silver diary key.


White window frames in sun-filled windows.

Puffy pink dresses that when wind-urged billows.

Pictures of far off places.

Hiding spots in open places.


Leaves drifting. The very air.

Kites flying. The wind’s hair.

Butterflies with eyes on their wings.

Trees in cities braced by strings.


Raindrop races. Funny faces.

Clambering cats on human laps.

Giggle Matches. Laughing fits.

Sun Scratches. Moon spit.


From jars of stars in galaxies

to wells of cells in my arteries.

I am happy and at peace,

When I know it’s all a part of me.


When I know I’ll live forever

When I know nothing ever does

When I take a breath and soak in,

everything that is, will be, and was.

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