My Inspiration, and So Much More

My Inspiration, and So Much More   


               As I enter this new phase of my young adulthood,

               my mother is the person that stands out the most.

               My mother is my alarm clock.  The noise maker that

               gets me up in the morning every day, so I can get to

               school on time.

               My calendar that never forgets a date.

               My food provider, preparing meals like breakfast and lunch

               with no prevail.

               My mother is strong, hardworking, determined and patient.

               Qualities I see in her which inspire me to follow

               in her footsteps.


               The weekend is over.  Now I need to get up and get ready for

               my school day.  A strong student can do it.        

               I arrive to school on time and with my homework done.

               I am prepared and ready to participate in my classes and

               extracurricular school activities.

               I am focused and paying attention to the teachers’ instructions.

               I am taking notes and keeping an organized work folder.

               Now school is over and its aftercare time.

               Where do I get find the strength and initiative to do homework?

               I need to stay strong to finish this task.  My mother tells me so.

               I hear her voice and I get the homework done.  Moving right along.


              The road to achievement is a long one that requires patience and

               hard work.  Patience and determination will bring

               rewards academically and socially, that voice tells me so.

               Meanwhile as I transitioned from grade to grade, I kept working

               hard and never gave up.  When I returned to school after my summer

              break, a goal was set.  First quarter 8th grade marking period earn all As.

              Make it happen and get it done, I kept telling myself.

              High school test time is approaching.  Now it’s time to get into the

              studying gym with my motivator, my mom.   The rest is history.

              September 2020, I will attend my first high school of my choice,

              Seton Hall Prep in West Orange, New Jersey.


                KC M.A. Campbell

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