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Sun, 12/01/2019 - 20:50 -- Rabia19

“ I am an 19 year old Animal Activist, strong and proud. 

I speak like the wind, and drift like the cloud. 

Although, being an Activist was a long and hard path to take, 

but I decided that helping and saving the animals isn’t a mistake. 

Through articles and documentaries I researched on, 

to help the suffering of animals, and to make their pain be gone. 


Standing up to what I believed in, I continued in my passion,

 and fought for animal rights with compassion.

Not only that but with a smile or a grin,

I fought for what i always believed in.

I have made animals a part of my life, 

through happiness and in their wildlife. 


On top of a mountain, or under the sea, 

there are so many places where these lovely creatures may be. 

Although, my story of becoming an activist started off with a dog, 

I was by her side, sitting on a log.

She taught me the change that was needed in me,  

and so I sought out to find my destiny. 


With one final cuddling, before she passed on,

 I felt her speaking as I held her cold paws:   

 “If it should be that I grow pale and weak, 

and pain shall keep me from my sleep, 

then will you do what must be done, 

for this last battle, can’t be won. 


You will be sad, I understand, 

but don’t let grief stay in your hand. 

Take me to where my needs they’ll tend, 

and stay with me until the end. 

And hold me firm, and speak to me, 

until my eyes can no longer see. 


Although my tail its last has waved, 

from the pain and suffering I have been saved.

For on this day, more than the rest, 

your love and friendship have stood the test. “


With warm tears in my eyes, 

we said our last goodbyes.  


As I turned around, and left for home, 

I remembered the beautiful friend I have known,

As I arrived at my house, 

I talked to none, not even a mouse.

I could smell the outside beautiful mist of air, 

As I thought about her, I said a prayer. 


This is my story of being an activist and about one single

 friend, whom I will remember until the end.


I sleep every night, thinking of a better world for animals tomorrow, 

although the pain inside my heart that I feel for animals

 is not something I just borrowed.


 Its deep inside, something that most of us try to hide. 


We Spend money that we do not have

 on things we do not need to 

Impress people who do not care

 I have become a person to help others with a share

 Especially for those innocent creatures who need care.


 We are people of this world

 Who are given more attention than animals 

Who are in desperate need of our help! They scream, they cry, they yelp.


 But they hold that fear and pain inside their hearts, 

until each of those pieces fall apart.


 So please, all i ask of you is that you do what you can in your power,

 within the hour, because a flower cannot fall unless it has a stem as it's tower...."


Because the Flower doesn’t fall until it has a stem as a tower…”



This poem is about: 
My family


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