My Innocesents Taken From Me

She was just an oridnary girl, innocent and sweet. Her family and friends always told her how beautiful and smart she was. Her boyfriend always reminded her of how much he adored, loved, and cherished her and wanted to do something special for her on her birthday tonight. She rushed home after school to shower and get beautiful for her date with her knight in shining armor. She put on his favorite dress, perfume, and wore her hair in that pretty bun he liked. Little did she know, tonight woud be night her innocents were taken from her. She hear him pull up, she ran out the door and jumped in the car. Finally, they arrive at his house and there are candles and rose pedals everywhere. She is so excited and overjoyed. She hugs and kisses him and thanks him for going out of his way to make her happy. They head to the kitchen to eat dinner and then he brings out her birthday cake and she blows out the candle after making her wish that they stay together forever. Little did she konw this, tonight would be the night her innocents would be taken from her. After the eat, they sit on the couch to watch a movie. He slowly places his arm around her and pulls her closer. She doest mind, at first, because she wants to be close to him.Suddenly, he starts kissing her all over and trying to remove her clothes. She screams, "Stop that," "I am not having sex with you." He stops, but shortly after, he starts again, and this time with more force. She yells, "Stop." "No." "Get off me" But no one is around to hear her nor save her. He then slaps her and tells her, "If you scream, I'll hit you again." She is afraid and does as he says. He places his places one hand over her mouth and uses the other to take off her clothes and unzip his pants. He then forces his manhood inside of her pure, innocent , and fragile body. She begins to cry and closes her eyes, praying it will be over soon. Suddenly he removes himself from her and she just lays there still and in a daze. Finally, she reaches for her clothes and puts them back on and dashes for the door. She is histerical, confused, and frighten. As she runs home, her eyes are filled with tears, her mind overloaded with confusion. She asks herself, "Why me?" "What did I do to deserve this?" " I thouhgt he loved me." But if he loved me why would he take my innocens from me? Tonight would be the night she would never forget, her 21st birthday, the night her innocents were takn away from her by someone she once loved.....

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