My innocence was left shatterdat

Sun, 09/24/2017 - 21:12 -- Mateos

My innocence was left shatterd

at the door step of betrayal 

once you came after despair rang

with a mighty tone thundering down 

upon the small sunlight my heart 

had left to glow but dimmer 

than the time I met you. 

Hair silky, holding pride 

way too tight around your head.

Laughter aching to cry, 

you live through mocking 

poor people that pass by 

on waiting for someone more 

deserving your own shadow.


She inquires thrills you say?

Not too bad for a little spin you note

as she walks down the aisle

to seal her ultimate pain

life itself can not bestow without

guidance from people

who hide dark corners

underneath shining bright halos like you.


Knowing how many eyes never left your sight, 

I travel to find a path that no one ever dare took 

for the standing prize a heart promotes 

in the act of true emotions 

instead of lust for fame 

and shaming those with everything to lose. 

But as usual, 

my own mind plays desires 

washing along the waves

through a timeless beach 

no boat ever shored to 

looking for reality. 


His lips state obvious regret 

In many more forms than one. 

I leave everyday thinking 

not to kiss but feel

how your words 

can heal my self-made scars 

that continously bleed 

for a simple friend to see love 











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