My Inner Pain

Sifting through the corners of my life, I find my grief
And sorrow, is as great as my blessings and joys.
Seeing what I have not, dwelling on what I don't have
There is much to be said about faith, for it has carried me
In the darkest hours, even though the darkness surrounded
Me it did not consume me. Many times broken, or at the
Point of breaking, I know that I am not what has happened
To me, I'm a child of God, and compassion is my choice
In life! We are never alone there is more we just don't
Always see it, or feel it!
This is not rose colored glasses this has been my life, kind
And unkind monstrosities,alike
When we least expect it that helping hand, that warm heart,
That kind words that can pick you up, is there when you need
It the most.
We must see it when the time comes, because it is has many
Names we can not forget! Like, hope, charity, compassion, faith,
And love!
With all the cruelty, hate, and evil in this world we need to call out the
Names of the names we can not forget!

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